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Question and Answers


Q: When will we find out the results of our submission?

We will be contacting all students within 2 weeks of the submission deadlines to let them know if they will be moving on to the next steps of the ORSP.


Some of the costs are beyond our means. What can we do?

We want to try and remove all barriers from qualified students who make it through the first round of interviews and auditions.  Travel, room and board scholarships will be available for applicable students.


Who are the mentors?

The mentors are industry professionals who are all screened to work with young people in this capacity. A complete list of team members will be available later in 2019 upon login.  


How and When Can I Get Tickets for the Show?

Tickets for the ORSP production of Drowsy Chaperone will be available in early spring of 2020.  Please check for available tickets.


What is the cost of the ORSP?

The ORSP is a tuition free program.  Students are responible for their own meals while they are a part of the program.  If boarding is required we are partnering with Willamette University.  Costs for room and board will be posted in the parent page after login. 


What are the hours of the program?

A complete schedule will be given to students once they move onto the next round of auditions and interviews.  The Program will run from June 20-July 11, 2020.  Rehearsals during this time will run from 9am-6pm with additional hours as the program progresses towards performances.


Boarding in Salem

Willamette University will be hosting out-of-town students who wish to participate in the ORSP.  Each group of students staying at the University will have a designated chaperone while staying on campus.  


Where will the Rehearsals Take Place?

The majority of the rehearsals will take place on the MainStage of the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, Oregon.  A complete list of rehearsals will be distributed in the schedule upon acceptance in early April, 2020.