Motivational Speaker

Help Prepare Your Students

Thanks for your interest in the Oregon Rising Star Project.  Here's what you need to know...

We know that your students are a reflection of a strong learning environment fostered by you, the teacher.s.  We know that you are already very busy and we want to make this as easy as possible to assist your student through the process.  The student may lean on your expertise to help prepare for the Oregon Rising Star interviews and auditions so here's a couple of things that will really help your student in preparing:

1)   Sign up on this site and we'll make sure that your information is  connected to the student who is applying.  

2)  Go to the teacher section and fill out the reference questionnaire


3)  Auditions will occur during the Thespian Conference held at the Elsinore Theatre the first weekend of April.  

4)  Help prepare your students audition by giving constructive critiques on a song that showcases the students strongest skills.  Often times students need to lean on your experience for this.  Try to choose a song with your student that is within range and showcases the student's voice. 


5) Audition songs should each be about 32 bars and no longer than one minute each. They should showcase their voice and personality. At least one song should be from the “Golden Age” of musical theater (1940 - 1960).  They need to bring sheet music in the correct key, an accompanist will be provided. NO a cappella singing and NO recorded accompaniment will be permitted. 

6)  Students should prepare and memorize two contrasting musical theater songs AND one monologue no longer than one minute in length. They will also be required to attend a dance audition, regardless of whether they consider themselves to be a dancer.


7)  AUDITION MONOLOGUES should be memorized and no longer than one minute in length.


8)  Students are required to bring a  RESUME listing any performance experience, classes, or private lessons.