Concert Crowd

So you want to get to Broadway?!

Every person is so unique in every way.  There is no one-size-fits-all formula.  We do know that a lot of hard work, a lot of openness, and a lot of encouragement can go a long way to discovering your path in life.  Broadway is a path for many very talented people.  Sometimes it's the luck of the draw and sometimes it's pure determination.

At the Oregon Rising Star Project, we don't guarantee that this will be your path to Broadway but we do guarantee that we will help discover the best "you."  You'll be put in unique situations with seasoned professionals who will challenge you and encourage you to grow.  Whether it's performing or backstage we want to help you on your road to your preferred future. 

Our team of mentors and theater professionals are excited to meet you and looking forward to your growth as a person and someone who can make this world a better place.